The second overseas trade fair closing ZhiMeiDe brings new products debut
Date of publication:2016-08-16

The founder of smart wear industry value!--Zhimeide technology


   The overseas Chinese expo will take "Wanqiao Innovation" as the theme for a period of 3 days,the exhibition area is 37,500 square meters.This year's 627 exhibitors, the domestic 325, 302 overseas, across five continents.The basic items by overseas exhibitors brought are mature projects,such as overseas Chinese, Chinese businessmen,Or living in the country's development prospects for better projects and products,and highlighting the local cultural characteristics and economic charm.Domestic exhibition including cross-border e-commerce, logistics, urban image promotion and investment, real estate property and finance, green food, characteristics of technology.In which the wisdom of the family, smart wear, intelligent robots, network technology, biotechnology, medical equipment, such as high-tech exhibition of concern.Booth area and basically the same as last year.

   The Zhimeide technology to bring products to attend the current "Overseas Chinese Fair".As a high-tech enterprise specializing in smart wear equipment, smart watches, smart wristbands, GPS positioning and other products, this booth area is set at 36 square meters, booth number is 1B-C42.

   This "Overseas Chinese Fair" takes Shenzhen as a point, to "the Belt and Road" as a line, to the global Chinese businessmen as the surface, weaving the aspect of the world's economic and trade network. In building a global resource channels at the same time, give full play to the advantages of Chinese and overseas resources.Communication at home and abroad, to help enterprises "going out, bringing in".Virtue technology business in more than 10 countries around the world, and actively participate in the operation of thousands of overseas Chinese innovation.Taking the Shenzhen innovation driven development of the express,and constantly increase the Shenzhen talent, technology, communication and cooperation, establish innovation, coordination, green, open concept, participate in scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and other innovative activities, and constantly enhance themselves and shape the brand.

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