DFYou brand story


DFYou is the abbreviation of Dream For You, which belongs to Shenzhen Zhimeide Technology Co.,Ltd. Hu Gangqiang, the brand founder, hopes all staffs provide the smart products and service with perfect experience with their wisdom and talent. DFYou insists on “customer first, win-win, share and morality”to go for best quality, brand power and market power.

To join the high technological content of the smart wear industry, is to compete with advanced technology at home and abroad, is to PK with well-known brands all around the world. Zhimeide must build a new brand to occupy a place in the domestic market. That’s the beginning we found DFYou brand.

        In order to create "DFYOU" brand, the core technology for enterprises to solve this problem, Hu Gangqiang adopted “introduction, digestion , absorption and innovation" model, and promoted "great introducing  high-tech talents, training comprehensive talents" strategy plan , But also to explore a "combination of production and research," the path of sustainable development, and actively cooperate with the well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutes for enterprise innovation.

The road to success is not always smooth. On the developing road, our products are copied by other companies and there appears lots of counterfeits, which brings a big impact to our DFYou brand.

Smart wear products develops rapidly, we believe the first important question is how to improve products quality and use experience. Hu Gangqiang believes: we have to own corn competitiveness to make a new brand go further. This decision opens the way of self-dependent innovation.

Dream is not only a dream ever. DFYou brand starts to return to society with our behavior. 

2016 is not the end, but a new beginning for Zhimeide staff.

                                                                                        Smart wear industry value founder- Zhimeide 

Company spirit

      Dedication, Honest, Team, Innovation

Company mission

     Make value for clients, supply chance to staff, earn profit for shareholders, shoulder responsibility for society.

Company vision

     Suppy customers with ultra experience smart wear products and service

Company value

     customer first, win-win, share and morality

Brand concept

    Explore smart and nice life

Company strategy

Development premise: Economic develops with social benefits 

Work style: Rigorous pragmatic combined with innovation

Management mode: Humanistic management united with strict management rules. 

Treatment principle: stick to principles as well as broad mind